Fossiliontech is the manufacturer of Secondary Electro Spray Ionisation (SESI) sources, nano ESI emitters, column-to-emitter simple links, etc.

1.Emitters are built upon the optimized Sharp Singularity geometry. The hydrophobic coating locks the meniscus to the inner diameter of the emitter.

  • Better protein ID and reproducibility.
  • Less evaporation and lower voltage required.
  • Better ionization efficiency, and a more consistent spray.

2.Column to emitter link made simple that:

  • Provides voltage to the electrospray and connects the column and emitter with an accessible Zero Dead Volume fitting.
  • The ergonomic tool-free operation reduces complexity and chances of error.
  • Comes in two versions: SIMPLE LINK UNO-16 for VICI™ (1/16 OD sleeve, 13 nl swept volume) and SIMPLE LINK UNO-32 for VICI™ (1/32 sleeve, 1 nl swept volume) fittings. Compatible with Nano Flex™
  • Recommended emitters: Sharp Singularity 7.5cm long.

3.Secondary Electro Spray Ionization(SESI) combined with HRMS provides biologically relevant data in real-time by measuring large molecules, which are biologically more specific,and thus more relevant for clinical diagnosis. But these molecules tend to have very low-volatility and low concentration, so detecting them is challenging. Super SESI is optimized to efficiently ionize low volatility molecules and to minimize carryover effects.

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