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Our analytical consultancy services help organizations in transitioning from pharmaceutical product development to biopharmaceutical product development.


We are building an organization that is promoting innovative technologies for comprehensive and error free characterization of therapeutic molecules. The front runners in Biosimilar development in India are our customers and we are trying to help them implement innovative technologies. We see huge return on investment in terms of money, time, quality, confidence & readiness for future requirements.


We are moving forward to scale up our organization to promote & distribute more innovative analytical technologies. Through these technologies we want to empower not only front runners but also those who do not have enough resources to invest in innovative technologies. We envision that the future of these technologies is bright as use of them will bring in speed, quality & confidence in generation of analytical information & interpretation of this information.

Welcome to ACRNS Analytical Technologies

ACRNS Analytical Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a rapidly emerging company that provides analytical consultancy, distributorship, and training services. Under the ACRNS distributorship vertical, we aim to provide innovative tools & technologies to help achieve the goal of the analysis. We provide full support to implement & execute these technologies on a day-to-day basis.

Our Valuable Customers


µpac columns – The microchip chromatography columns

Currently, many innovations across one industry are being employed to improve existing technology in another industry. One such example is the use of photolithography to generate microfluidics based nano lc columns by pharmafluidcs (Now under Thermo Fisher Scientific). Originally this technology was and is being used in the semiconductor industry. Read more..