LabSmith Products

LabSmith Products

LabSmith designs and manufactures laboratory equipment for research, prototyping, and OEM product development. LabSmith’s products consist of compact microfluidic components and automation products, microfluidics kits, microfluidic chips, high voltage supplies and sequencers, and video microscopes. These products are economical and inter-compatible products.


LabSmith microfluidic products make it easy to build and re-build simple and complex microfluidic setups, with leak-free connectivity, straightforward automation, and a wide variety of microfluidic chips.

Following are a few of the products from LabSmith,

  1. Captite microfluidic components: CapTite™ fluid routing connectors and fittings take the hassle out of constructing microfluidic circuits. Various variety of manual port selector valves, captite interconnect, fittings, plugs, adapters, breadboard reservoir, and chip reservoir are available.
  2. µProcess microfluidic automation products: µProcess™ is a combination of hardware and software components that simplifies the construction of microfluidic systems. It consists of automated port selector valves, syringe pumps, automation interface, valve manifold, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, etc.
  3. Microfluidic Kits: Microfluidic kits let you build microfluidic systems at a much lesser rate than purchasing individual components. It has different kits for various purposes such as research, education, prototyping, and product development. There are various kit packages such as µProcess standard kit, education Kit, electrophoresis starter kit, multi-reagent starter kit, etc.
  4. Tubing and capillary: There is a variety of tubing and capillary for microfluidic systems present in LabSmith products like 1/16″ OD tubing, 1/32″ OD tubing, 360um OD capillary tubing, 1/8″ OD silicone tubing, silicone tubing 0.76 mm ID, microtubes, silicone tubing 0.5mm ID.

High voltage control

Programmable high-voltage sequencers and breadboard-mounted power modules bring you an entirely new level of voltage control. It is used for electrophoresis, MEMS, lab-on-a-chip research, and more.


An inverted fluorescence video microscope with synchronously pulsed illuminators and powerful video analysis software for microfluidics is useful in microbiology. There are SVM340 synchronized video microscopes and related accessories like optic modules, four-channel illuminator modules, objective, sample plates, etc in LabSmith products.

Timing and synchronization

LabSmith’s timing and synchronization products employ logic-based signal routing, real-world feedback, and unique timing modes to help you precisely synchronize even the most complex test setups. There are 8-channel, 2-channel, and 16-channel timing controllers.

ACRNS Analytical Technologies Pvt Ltd is an authorized distributor of LabSmith products across India. If you would like to know more about their products, please refer to their website or contact us at .