LabSmith microfluidic products make it easy to build and re-build simple and complex microfluidic setups, with leak-free connectivity, straightforward automation, and a wide variety of microfluidic chips. 


Research-grade, inverted fluorescence video microscopes feature synchronously pulsed illuminators and powerful video analysis software for microfluidics and microbiology.

High Voltage Control

Programmable high-voltage sequencers and breadboard mounted power modules bring you an entirely new level of voltage control. For electrophoresis, MEMS, lab-on-a-chip research and more.

Timing and Synchronization

LabSmith’s timing and synchronization products employ logic-based signal routing, real-world feedback and unique timing modes to help you precisely synchronize even the most complex test setups.

Protein Metrics software is a powerful tool for analyzing glycosylation and other PTMS. Their software greatly alleviates the mass spec analysis bottleneck.