Glantreo Columns


Glantreo Columns

Glantreo chromatograhy is producing world-class uHPLC/HPLC columns from start (silica) to finish (columns) . They do research & development on innovative stationary phases, reproducible bonding, and reproducible packing along with method development. They develop and deliver innovative materials, science-based technologies, processes, services, and products that can be used by our customers.

What makes them different – is their size, speed, and sizzling material science brains. Combining this with a deep material science brain (both their own and their external collaborators) with many years of experience allows Glantreo to develop innovative solutions in the shortest time possible or perish the thought-intelligent fast failure.

ACRNS Analytical Technologies Pvt Ltd is an authorized distributor of Glantreo columns. If you would like to know more about their products, please refer to the brochure or contact us at