Intek Chromasol Columns


Intek Chromasol Columns

Intek Chromasol Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian UHPLC & HPLC columns manufacturer for pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical separations. Their products range from the most widely used analytical columns to semi-prep and preparative columns in a wide variety of dimensions and particle sizes.

These columns are available in different stationary phases eg: C18, C8, CN, C30, C4, C6, C1, Phenyl, Amino, Imino, Aqueous, Silica, HILIC, ACD, SCX, SAX, WCX, C18/WCX, PFP, Phenyl Hexyl, PS-DVB, and Perfluorohexylpropyl Silane (PFHP) Columns.

ACRNS Analytical Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an authorized distributor of Intek Chromasol Pvt. Ltd.

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